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</td> <!-- this is the start of the right column--> <td valign="top" background=""> <div align="right"> <h2> <br> <SPAN STYLE="font-size: 110%;"><SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF">THE VILLA FAAOPORE (BORA BORA)</SPAN></SPAN> </h2> <p> <img src="09-12-FP-0007.jpg" width="205" height="127" align="right"> <H4><SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF">"Exceptional property on Bora Bora,French Polynesia"</SPAN></H6> <strong> <br> <br> </p> <p><strong><SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF">33.300 sqf of full privacy.</SPAN></p> <SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF">The most incredible view over the magnificent lagoon of Bora Bora</SPAN></p> <SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF">"Bora Bora's premium luxuary villa"</SPAN></p> <SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF"> Artwork by jalinepol ( 20 canvases)</SPAN></p> <SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF">6500 sqf of living space </SPAN></p> <SPAN STYLE="color: FFFFFF">1 main Villa and 6 guest houses and appartments</SPAN></p> </A></P> <BR> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <TABLE BORDER=16" CELLPADDING="3" SUMMARY=""> <TR> <TD><B><I><FONT SIZE="5"> <p><img src="09-12-FP-0058.jpg" width="430" height="250" align="center"></FONT></I></B></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <P><BR /></P> <TABLE BORDER="6" CELLPADDING="3" SUMMARY=""><TR> <TD><img src="10-04-BOB-2038.jpg" width="250" height="170" alt="VIEW1"> <img src="10-04-BOB-2090.jpg" width="250" height="170" alt="VIEW2"> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </DIV> </p> <!--bottombody_text--> <p align="center"><font face="tahoma"><font size="2">BORA BORA REALTOR:8715 TAHITI 98719 FRENCH POLYNESIA</b></i></font></p> <!--end bottombody_text--> <HR> <SPAN STYLE="font-size: 75%;">Inquiries</SPAN></P> <ADDRESS> <SPAN STYLE="font-size: 80%;">BORA BORA REALTOR</SPAN><BR> <A HREF="mailto:administrator@boraborarealtor.com"><SPAN STYLE="color: #000000;"><SPAN STYLE="font-size: 80%;"><SPAN STYLE="color: #00FFFF;">E-Mail</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN></A> </ADDRESS> <P></P> <HR> <p><table align=""><tr> <!--bottom--> <p align="center"><font face="tahoma"><font size="6"><B></B> <body> <!--end bottom--> </div> </td> </tr> </table> </BODY> </HTML>